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.: CNET's Condom-AV :.

CNET's Condom-AV Documentation
Definition: Anti-Virus

Detects Socket Connections, Dll Injection, And Registry Critical Registry Changes!
Condom-AV Suppresses the application Injection's information into its memory space and watches for events such as Registry changes and other Harmful events!
Not only does it prevent them from happening it will prompt you in English what is really going on! Easy one click Install/Uninstall, No Registration Required!
Condom AV is great for keeping an Application in a SandBox so no harm comes to your computer! Run with the protection you need!


.: Download NOW! :.

Install instructions: Unzip the files to "C:\" and Run the Install.Reg and your done! Right Click "Restrict Access" on a ".EXE" to Run Protected and Spy on the process!
The .Zip includes a Test Application you can Trial out, The File is 100% safe when ran without Condom-AV!

Click To Download!

CNET Condom-AV Forum

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